• 2.22.23 Drugstore Beauty

    2.22.23 Drugstore Beauty

    This was a magazine rack in the CVS pharmacy I once used. Those eyes got me.

    When I took this photograph (years ago) the (then) pharmacist yelled at me for doing so.

    He was a young guy, pretty uptight all the time and made a big fuss.
    I was violating customer's privacy he said.

    When I told him that the nearest prescription label was about 10+ feet from my camera and that my camera lens was not a zoom lens he frowned in thought for a moment then said not to do it ever again.

    I said ok and when he turned his back I took another photograph but I don't have it and can't even remember what it was of. It was so long ago.

    I dunno whatever happened to that guy but if I met him today I'd tell him that you can't turn away from beauty.

    You gotta calm down though lol

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    So relax & enjoy your 15 minutes.

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    We're gonna give this another shot.