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“On A Small Planet” is a book of 63 diptychs constructed from everyday photographs taken between January 2005, when I bought my first DSLR - a Nikon D-70, and July 2009 when that camera stopped working.

All the photographs in this book are old.

(All photographs are old the instant after they’re created but that’s another story)

My point being is that that there’s a gap of time between when the photographs were made and the date of this book’s speculated publication.

For reasons both good and bad this project sat on the shelf for almost 12+ years.

Perhaps because it reflects one of the more turbulent times in my life and for many years I didn’t want to revisit them.

The response from the select few who looked at the rough edits over the years were always encouraging but that never changed how I felt about finishing it.

Time changes everything were told.

One day I began to look at this work from a different perspective. I began to see its healing properties within the work which has encouraged me to finish it.

I’ve always known I would present it in simple ways in honor of the times it reflected.

There’s no grand agenda here. No heady concept. No gussied-up Photoshop. Not that those things are wrong. They just don’t apply to this book.

Working in diptychs brings a visual synergy through a scrapbook of memories where their narratives offer what happened, what is happening and what might happen.

I'm hoping to complete this project by the end of this year.

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